A law firm with vision

  • Are you looking for a lawyer to advise you on a family dispute?
  • Have you been summoned to appear before the magistrates’ court?
  • Is your SME facing a merger or struggling with too many bad payers?
  • When can you take (early) retirement?

We can provide you with the appropriate advice and support. In negotiations, mediation and in court. We have experience in a wide range of legal disciplines.We guarantee a personalized and effective follow-up of your case at clearly communicated fees and costs..

Who we are

Advoring is firmly based in the region. Frank Van der Schueren founded the law firm in 1975. Kathleen Vercraeye, Céline Altéa Lefèvre and Matthias Asnot complement his knowledge and experience. The multilingual team is grounded in various legal specialties.

Peer reviewed:

For several months now, law firms have had the option to request a peer review from their professional organization. This is a peer assessment where the auditor assesses whether the firm meets the necessary quality standards.

Advoring was one of the first firms to undergo the audit and is allowed to use the logo for three years to demonstrate to clients that it can ensure a high level of quality management and customer satisfaction

Fees and costs

What does your lawyer cost?
The statement of fees and costs comprises three elements…


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